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Safety and facilities management products for the workplace direct from our UK warehouses. We help you keep your employees, buildings and facilities safe with our range of highly visible and durable safety products like our range of traffic cones and floor stickers. Our products are focused around high traffic, heavy duty areas, car park safety, and industrial labelling and safety signs.

Our experienced staff have a wide range of expertise for you to draw from, so please get in touch and try our industry-leading support service for yourself.

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Column Protectors: 4 Tips For Warehouse Traffic Safety

Managing warehouse productivity means keeping machinery busy and accident-free. Especially avoiding the risks and costs of collision. Here are four vital warehouse safety ideas, including the best use of column protectors. By studying the work patterns of high-performing warehouse operations, […]

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Complete Warehouse Traffic Management Checklist

Warehouse traffic management varies from site to site but can also change over time when you amend your operations. Having a checklist of traffic safety priorities can support due diligence and keep you compliant. The HSE makes clear that compliance […]

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6 products you need for traffic safety in the workplace

Keeping vehicle drivers and machine operators safe requires 360degree risk assessments. These six products improve traffic safety in the workplace, from all angles. There are increasingly diverse types of vehicles and movable machinery operating in modern logistic, storage, manufacturing and […]

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Safety Signs: 5 Must-Haves for Warehouse Traffic Control

To remain H&S complaint, all warehouse operations need to have clear and visible signage. This guide ‘points out’ five safety signs for warehouse traffic control, that all premises would benefit from. Putting up signage is one of the simplest – […]

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