Column Protection

Whether you run a restaurant, a storage facility, an office complex or a high street store, if you have a car park or walkways around your site, then you need our column protection.  Health and safety is a priority for any business that has people moving on site.  It does not matter whether you have customers, employees or members of the public entering or crossing your site, you have a duty of care which you need to take seriously.

One of the risks on any site are the columns, like lamp posts, fence posts and pillars.  Overconfidence or distraction can lead to collisions which in the best instance just cause property damage and an insurance claim, but in the worst case can cause injury.  Fortunately, at Safe Industrial we are ready to provide the column guards and fence post protection.  We specialise in facilities management.  Whether you need car park column protection, post protection or pillar guards, we have everything you need.  We can even offer 10% off your first order if you sign up for the newsletter!

Our lamp post protection options are high quality and resilient.  For car parks, we have polywrap column protectors and polywrap pillar protectors.  These provide a tough polyethylene shell which provides impact protection for the car as well as the pillar.  We also offer softwrap column protectors.  Our softwrap pillar protectors are designed to prevent personal injury in high volume areas by a polyethylene based medium density foam core which reduces the force of impact.  All our options come in bright colours for maximum visibility.

Whether you need column protection padding, lamp post wrap protectors or another type of pillar protection, get in contact with us today.  Our options are highly effective for reducing the frequency and the seriousness of collisions, making your workplace a safe place to be.

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  • Lamp Post WRAP Protector



  • SoftWRAP i-Beam Protectors



  • Range of Lamp Post Protectors

    Lamp Post/Sign Post WRAP Impact Protector



  • Polywrap Spacesaver Column Protectors

    PolyWRAP Spacesaver Column Protectors



  • ColumnrProtector

    Rack Armour Column Guard


    Rack Armour

  • TRAFFIC-LINE Wall Mounted Cable/Hose Protector

    TRAFFIC-LINE Wall Mounted Cable/Hose Protector


  • SoftWRAP Square Column Protectors



  • Polywrap Column Protector

    PolyWRAP Column Protectors



  • PolyWRAP Fork Impact Skirt

    PolyWRAP Fork Impact Skirt