Self Adhesive Letters and Numbers

Clear and effective communication is one of the keys to a safe and efficient workplace. When your staff know what they’re doing, and how to find the resources they need, they can avoid the confused state of mind which leads to mistakes and frustration. This is why a high-quality, consistent warehouse labelling and signage scheme should be a priority for any company owner or manager who oversees areas where stock or materials are stored.

If you handle a wide range of items in the course of a day, the time you spend searching through your inventory for each product can quickly mount up. Repeating such an action over and over will eventually cause even the most diligent team member to become fatigued, and the quality of their work will suffer. But whether your goods are stored in drawers or boxes, on shelves or pallets, clear and bright self adhesive number tiles from Safe Industrial will make it easy to quickly identify the resource you are looking for. These high visibility self adhesive numbers and letters can be used to label tools, boxes of consumables, racking locations, or any other item or container you need to be able to find quickly.

Available in different sizes, our self adhesive numbers and letter packs can be used in a variety of ways. self adhesive letters can be used to spell out a message or the name of an item, while the stick on numbers make it easy to devise an alphanumerical code system. For example, when storing a range of nuts and bolts, labels from M5 to M24 can quickly be made up to indicate different thread sizes.

Our self adhesive letters and numbers are some of the most useful and popular warehouse labels we supply. Contact our team to discover how these versatile products could be adapted to your application.

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  • Individual self adhesive numbers & letters in white

    Individual Self Adhesive Numbers & Letters – Black on White



  • Complete Packs Self Adhesive Numbers & Letters - Yellow

    Complete Packs Self Adhesive Numbers & Letters – Yellow



  • Complete Packs Self Adhesive Numbers & Letters - White

    Complete Packs Self Adhesive Numbers & Letters – White



  • Magnetic Numbers and Letters

    Magnetic Numbers and Letters



  • Yellow Self Adhesive Number & Letters

    Individual Self Adhesive Numbers & Letters ? Black Letters on Yellow Background



  • Magnetic Tiles

    Magnetic Number & Letter Tiles – 70mm x 70mm



  • Consecutive Number Tiles 23

    Consecutive Self-Adhesive Number Tiles



  • Location code Labels

    Racking Location Code Labels



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