Traffic and Pedestrian Safety

If your workplace has a car park or a pedestrian area, then you likely know how much of a concern they can be.  The car park is likely one of the highest risk areas of your entire site.  The chance of accidental car collisions is high, and this can easily lead to injury or death, as well as the less significant but still concerning financial costs of repairing vehicles and building elements.  If your pedestrianised area is close to the car park area, the risks multiply.

If this is describing your situation, do not worry!  At Safe Industrial we specialise in supplying the pedestrian safety and facilities management supplies that you need.  Our pedestrian safety solutions are ideal for protecting any foot traffic on your site from taking a wrong direction and stepping in front of traffic, and our traffic safety solutions can ensure that your site is a safe for vehicle users as possible.

By choosing our traffic and pedestrian safety options, you are making sure that you have taken all reasonable steps to reduce the risk of accident or injury.

Broadly speaking, our traffic and pedestrian safety options fall into two categories.  The first is items which reduce the chance of a collision or accident.  For example, our traffic mirrors improve traffic safety by increasing visibility.  Similarly, our height restriction safety options make it clear when there is a height restriction.

The other type of supplies are our accident protection safety options.  These are for the instance of an accident, and they are designed to reduce the seriousness of a collision.  For example, we have bollard safety options which reduce the impact of collisions with a column or bollard.  We also supply wheel stop protection and impact protection safety equipment.

Whether you are looking for wheel stop safety, warehouse pedestrian safety or some other type of traffic and pedestrian safety equipment, we are here to help.  For more information about our worksite and warehouse traffic safety options, contact our sales team today or browse the online catalogue.

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  • Lamp Post WRAP Protector



  • Armco Ends

    Armco Protective Edging For Pedestrian Barriers



  • Armco Post Cap - Yellow

    Armco Protective Post Cap



  • Armco Protective End

    Armco Protective End For Armco Safety Barrier Systems



  • SoftWRAP i-Beam Protectors



  • EdgeWrap 1000mm Self Adhesive Edge Protectors



  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stencils and Kits - Red

    Electric Vehicle Charging Stencils and Kits



  • HGV Landing Plates



  • Armco Fishtail Safety End



  • Armco Safety End

    Armco Safety End



  • VIEW-MINDER Industrial Duty Mirror


  • mpact Protection Post - 1000 mm High

    Impact Protection Post – 1000 mm High



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  • Range of Lamp Post Protectors

    Lamp Post/Sign Post WRAP Impact Protector



  • SPION Observation Mirror


  • Polywrap Spacesaver Column Protectors

    PolyWRAP Spacesaver Column Protectors



  • mpactSAFE Heavy Duty Bolt Down Bollard

    ImpactSAFE Heavy Duty Bolt Down Bollard



  • Small Cable Protection Ramp Yellow


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  • M-Poly 6mm Polyethylene Barrier Chain – Per M


  • TRAFFIC-LINE Magnetic Wall Mounted Belt Barrier


  • TRAFFIC-LINE Wall Mounted Belt Barrier