COVID 19 Equipment

These items fall into three broad categories: active measures, passive measures, and signage.

Most of us have likely seen some sort of covid safety signage every time we have ventured from our home within the last year. While to some they may be an unwelcome reminder of the crisis we are all facing, the facts are that covid safety signs are the best way to make clear the responsibilities of each individual and what is expected of them. Signs for covid safety are available in a wide variety of formats, for workplaces, public areas, and other environments. From door-mounted stickers reminding customers to please wear a mask, to floor markers which make it easier for people to maintain social distancing, having the right signage available for use in the right situation is vital to get your message across efficiently. Even covid safety signs displaying the same message, but in different formats and colours, are useful in order to stop personnel from becoming complacent.

We are also familiar with many forms of passive covid health and safety equipment; without covid masks UK shoppers are able to access very few premises. Meanwhile, covid safety PPE is required for workers in most jobs. We supply face shields for those with jobs for which masks are unsuitable. Other items of PPE equipment include gloves and aprons. Protection screens can be used as barriers between colleagues, and when staff must face customers.

Active covid 19 safety equipment is intended to, not only block, but destroy the virus. From individual bottles of sanitizer to mobile sanitisation stations, every effort to promote covid health and safety will prove worth it in the long run. To enquire further about our safety equipment, or to find the right PPE for your workplace, contact our team.

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  • Entrance – Please Follow One Way System – COVID-19 Sign


  • Entrance – Please follow one way system – COVID-19 Sign


  • Orthomat Social Distancing Anti Fatigue Mat Premium



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  • COVID-19 Site Rules Sign (Non 2m)


  • COVID-19 Site Rules Sign


  • Coronavirus Social Distancing (Non 2m) – COVID-19 School Sign


  • Cleaned and Inspected. Protect if further works are required in this area


  • Clean equipment after use – Permanent COVID-19 Sign


  • Clean appliances after use – Permanent COVID-19 Sign


  • Before entering this area please call – Temporary COVID-19 sign


  • Before entering this area please call – Permanent COVID-19 sign


  • Modulean Lite Sanitiser Board

    Modulean® Lite Shadow Boards – Sanitising Board



  • Modulean Hand Sanitiser Board

    Modulean® Shadow Boards – Hand Sanitiser Board



  • Antibacterial Pallet Truck Handle

    Visuclean Anti-Microbial Adhesive Vinyl For Trolley Handle


  • Protective Film For Doors

    Visuclean Anti-Microbial Adhesive Vinyl – Door Plates


  • Anti Slip Floor Tape – 100mm Width



  • ZAPPTizer Alcohol Free Spray & Aerosol Sanitiser


  • Face Masks Must Be Worn – Floor Sign


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  • Face Masks Must Be Worn – Sticker Pack


  • No Entry Without A Face Mask Sign 250x300mm