Returning To Work Safely With Protective Desk Screens

Protective Desk Screens

Whether you’re in the process of returning to work or are looking for ways to create a safer working environment for your team. Protective transparent screens could be the answer to your social distancing problems.

With a lot of companies able to get back to business, the risk of spreading the coronavirus is still a worry for both staff and employers.

As an employer, there are lots of ways you can reduce the risk of spreading the virus in your workplace with specially designed protective desk screens.

In this article, I will talk you through the different protective desk screen options that are available and the best places to put them up.

Office Desk Screens

Office desk screen
Offices desk screen with A and B bracket types

This frameless 5mm Polycarbonate office desk screen will fit nicely onto any standard office desk without causing any disruption.

When you’re sat at your desk you can still see your teammates and are able to talk to each other without feeling like your behind a screen.

This type of screen works really well if you don’t have to come into contact with people or pass paperwork from one person to another.

A great option if you prefer to maintain a vibrant and social work environment.

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Office Desk Divider Extensions

Office Desk Divider Extension
Office Desk Divider Extension fitted with D brackets

If you already have a booth style set up in your workplace and want to add extra protection around each desk space, the divider extensions screens are a perfect solution.

The 5mm Polycarbonate office desk divider extension can be easily fitted with a simple bracket that slips over your existing desk screens.

You can keep your current set up, which will save money, and make your current desk screens safer with a transparent extension.

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Reception Desk Screens

Reception Desk Screen
Reception Desk Screen fitted with E brackets allowing for 100mm gap at bottom

For your team members who do need to come in to contact with clients, pass on paperwork, keys or other work-related items, the Reception Desk Screen is ideal.

This frameless screen sits on a tall bracket giving you a 100mm gap underneath so you can easily pass through items.

Being completely transparent also means that while you’re reducing physical contact and are still able to communicate on a personal level with your fellow workers as normal.

This type of desk screen design is perfect for safe social distancing and making sure your team can stay sociable. All of them come with adjustable brackets so you can fit them on to a range of countertops styles too. Making them great in the office, and also on hotel receptions, salons and shop counters.

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