The workplace PPE you need for employee and customer safety

workplace ppe should include hand sanitisation

Over the past year, PPE has become a vital component of any workplace – whether office based or customer facing. Here we will look at some of the workplace PPE items you need so you can keep your staff and customers safe.

Hand sanitiser

Washing your hands and hand sanitiser is more important than ever in the current global pandemic. It is vital that you choose one that is effective against germs and bacteria.

Safe Industrial offers a wide range of hand sanitisers that kill 99.9% of germs, while still being rich with moisturisers and vitamin E in order to reduce the chance of hands becoming cracked and painful.

Available in multipacks, perfect for bulk buying for your organisation, they come in every size you could need. From portable 50ml bottles to 500ml containers suitable for shared use in communal spaces, your staff and customers can keep their hands clean.

Face masks and visors

When you think about the most notable change to your daily routine, wearing a mask might be the first thing you think of. Wearing a protective face covering has become ordinary, but it is important to reinforce this in every setting. It can be hard for people to remember to bring their mask along sometimes, with some workplaces providing a disposable mask for those who have forgotten them.

Fortunately, you can keep your staff and customers protected with Safe Industrial’s range of exceptional face masks and visors.

From disposable masks to full visors suitable for all settings, and even hard hat visors for construction environments, you can make sure every single person in your establishment is protected at all times.

Perspex screens

There are some areas where adequate social distancing may be impossible to carry out in a way that keeps staff and customers safe. While in most scenarios we can maintain our distance, it is harder for those who work in retail. Closer contact is required at checkout desks, and even some office spaces are harder to convert in order to comply with new measures.

There is a way to keep everyone more secure, even if they are closer than the two-metre social distancing rule dictates. Safe Industrial has an excellent range of protective screens suitable for all kinds of working environments.

From countertop screens suitable for use at checkout desks, reception desks or other service desks, we can also supply offices with dividers and desk screens. There are also full-length screens suitable for dividing your office spaces safely.

Whatever your requirement, Safe Industrial has the ideal way to keep your workspace healthy.

Social distancing mats/markers

Social distancing has become a part of our daily lives – it is a vital component in stemming the spread of coronavirus, and helps to keep everybody safe. However, we know it can be difficult to know exactly how far to stand from someone, and sometimes customers especially can simply forget that the rule is still in place.

Customers and staff must all adhere to the social distancing rule, and there are some simple ways to remind them of this. Practical additions to your workplace can prompt both customers and staff to remember.

Safe Industrial has a wide range of products that can help with this. From mats to floor stickers in a variety of colours and sizes, there will be something to suit your workplace. There are even seat markers and stencils for the floor outside your establishment to promote proper queueing practices.

Simply creating clear markers on the floor and furniture can support compliance with the social distancing rule and help everyone to feel much more secure.

Keeping your workplace safe is essential so that you can continue trading during these difficult times – with a little help from Safe Industrial, you can have a smooth transition into the “new normal”, retaining staff and customers.

By stocking up on high-quality hand sanitiser, providing your employees with perspex screens, and giving them other adequate PPE, they can feel safer and happier in their workplace, meaning that opening up will be that much more straightforward. Not only that, but you will be covid compliant in line with government regulations and advice – adhering to the guidance that helps keep everyone safe and healthy.