What makes a good sanitation station?

What makes a good sanitation station?

Workplace hygiene is now a pressing concern for every type of employer. Having a compact but effective ‘one-stop’ solution for hand cleansing makes sense. We look closer at what makes a good sanitation station.

Setting up a sanitation station should now be on the ‘to do’ list for every type of workplace or public building. It’s the ideal way to support one of the central pillars of COVID-19 safety protocols – good hand hygiene.

As restrictions start to ease and there is a return to workplaces, schools, shops, tourist attractions and public facilities – it will be vital to ensure that there are enough ways for people to carry out this crucial task. Especially if you can source a sanitation station that gathers together infection control tools such as hand washing, anti-bacterial gel and information to reinforce proper hand cleansing techniques.

Having a self-contained unit that is space-efficient is also a priority. At the same time, you need your sanitation station to be visible in foyers and near entrances. This signals to staff, customers and other building users that you are taking your COVID-19 safety procedures seriously.

The options to meet this important Health and Safety priority now include mobile stations that can be moved into place quickly. As well as more substantial ones that can be fixed, semi-permanent hand hygiene solutions, when you need to keep multiple users moving during the day.

To help you find the right-hand cleansing unit to meet your needs, we review our top three sanitation stations.

ScrubHub hand washing station

ScrubHub Hand Washing Unit

The ScrubHub Hand Washing Unit is an innovative way to provide hand cleansing when you have a flexible use building or a work team in transit.

For instance, it can be put in the back of commercial vehicles for hand cleansing ‘on the go’. Or, if footfall in your building tends to vary day to day, this unit is lightweight and portable enough to move to the most accessible and convenient spot. Especially as it doesn’t require any plumbing or electrical connection.

With its integral 45L clean water tank, this handwashing station is also slimline and takes up little space. Making it ideal for smaller business premises or temporary handwashing requirements. It is designed to be emptied swiftly from behind, to further support contamination control.

The dispensing unit incorporates lockable storage and has the added benefit of being manufactured from 70% recycled plastic. Ticking boxes on your sustainability agenda, as well as your Health and Safety compliance.

Armorgard SaniStation Mini

Sanistation Mini

This sanitation station is also highly efficient at meeting COVID-19 safety priorities but is more substantial than the option above.

It offers important advantages for retailers and public buildings. The unit has an anti-theft system, so hand hygiene protocols can be supported without constant vigilance. It is also the ideal solution for entrances, without having an intrusive or permanent structure.

There is an easy to install option that can be fixed to the floor. However, there is also a foot-operated free-standing one on casters and a wall-mounted version of the SaniStation Mini. They are all compatible with a standard 5L water bottle and include lockable storage for an extra bottle.

SaniStation Pro Hand Sanitisation Station

Sanistation Pro Hand Sanitisation Station

When you are likely to meet high-volume demand for hand sanitation and need a substantial COVID-19 safety product, the SaniStation Pro is ideal.

It’s still a mobile and versatile unit, that can be put into place and relocated quickly. However, its easy to clean, heavy-duty steel body makes it a long-term solution. It is also weatherproof if you need to create an outdoor hand sanitation station.

This unit is dual-sided, to provide different hand hygiene functions including a tap and soap, and dispensers for antiseptic gel. It includes towel holders and a well-contained waste bin. It can be water bottle-fed or connected to mains water and waste. Foot pedal operation ensures it is an authentically sound solution for infection control.

SaniStation Pro even incorporates a backboard, that you can customise to include Health and Safety information and guidance on handwashing techniques.

Compact, moveable and well-priced sanitation stations

The three options outlined above all meet your COVID-19 and general hand hygiene obligations, yet they don’t require you to create permanent structures or meet the cost of plumbing and electricity supply. They can be moved to where they are needed, or the latter two can be permanently sited sanitation stations.

Whichever you choose, you have the Safe Industrial assurance of thoroughly tested and durable workplace solutions.